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Belgrave Heights Christian School        

Emerald Secondary College                  

Mater Christi College



Mountain District Christian School

Sherbrooke Community School

Upwey High School

17 Feb -
19 March


Oscar Cousins

My name is Oscar Cousins, I'm 18- and I'm a freak. Also, I'm talented. I can draw, act, sing... I can't dance. But I can do a flip... ok, that's a lie, flips are hard. My artworks are exhibiting my illustration skills, and humour. Hopefully you'll be seeing more of me in the future, because IM PRETTY GREAT...ok, I'm starting to sound like a jerk- I'm a good guy I swear. Please, love me. And please, if you like what you see, hit-me up if you want more art out of my butt. Upwey High School